Tunatic is a song identification system for Windows computers
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Tunatic is a song identification system for Windows computers. The premise behind this application is pretty simple: let Tunatic hear what music is playing and it will tell you what the song is. It happened to me many a time that I just couldn't figure out the name of a song and I needed to ask around. Well, with Tunatic, I just play that song from iTunes or whatever player I have at hand and Tunatic does a good job of identifying the song for me.

The application is quite simple. When you install it and execute it, only a little window will appear. It will say that Tunatic is ready to listen to your song. Then, you play it. Tunatic will grab a sample of a couple of seconds and then send a query to its servers. There, the song will be analyzed and, hopefully, the name of the song will be sent to you. With highly commercial songs, Tunatic was 100% accurate. Now, if the song is from a Soundtrack or something acoustic, you might be out of luck. Tunatic is compatible with both Windows and Mac, which adds just a little more value to the great application. If you have an iPhone, Shazam does the same thing. The only thing that you need for Tunatic to work is a song, speakers to play it on, and a microphone.

José Fernández
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  • It is very accurate.
  • It is also fast


  • Some songs are not recognized
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Guest It used to work well for me back in the Windows 7 days but with Windows 8.1 and 10 it just refuses to connect to the server. Changing settings seems to have no effect. I think the company (wild bits) is likely out of business.

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Elvin Wilkerson

Elvin Wilkerson On Windows 7, even in XP compatibility, I can configure the audio capture neither of Microphone nor of Primary Sound Capture.

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Hoezo Wie

Hoezo Wie This software does not work on either windows 7 and 8.1, on 32 and 64 bit OS Systems, it reconizes the sound audio card, and the MS Windows Virtual Audio driver but, I opened all firewall ports / traffic for this specific application, but it keep saying: "server unavailable".
So, the app might work, when a server is available, I would say: Keep the Server up running! smile

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